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Funny Name, brilliant little piece of equipment.What you can use the That Purple Thang For :- As a fifth finger, when you need to keep your seam allowance perfect, this will guide your fabric through, with-out placing your fingers in harms way- Removing papers when foundation paper piecing- Finger pressing seams, without damaging fabric or fingers- The square end if a perfect 1/4" allowing you to keep check on your seam allowances easily- It will help stuff narrow items like tails on toys- It will help turn out corners very easily- Easily remove a pin that has got a little too close to the sewing machine needle- The slot in the That Purple Thang can be threaded with elastic or ribbon for easy insertion into casings or eyelets- Use the slot to run a ribbon through so it is always hanging around your neck when needed.Although small, weird looking and having a funny name the That Purple Thang is the most useful non essential sewing tool on the market.

That Purple Thang by Lynn Graves

SKU: SC102
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