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Little Birds

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Little Birds

I am draw to the tiny little birds that hop around our garden eating the aphids off the rose bushes. My little sewn birds were so much fun to create, though many hours of work they bring the wonderment of these little creatures from the garden to my bookshelf as a reflection of their perfect little beaks, eyes watching and their quick movements from one plant to another.

The base shape was made from the paper-sculpting medium Karen Brown used with my son, Andrew at school. Shaped around a wire base, the paper-sculpting medium is light and you are able to sew into the paper once dried to attach the fabric. With small pieces of fabric covered the shape with embroidered wings and feathers. The little beaks are from fimo. The nest I wove from small branches and wire lined with wool. I think I need to create some little blue eggs……

Written by Penelope Leonard

July 23rd, 2015 at 6:49 am