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Step aside proud Mother coming through……

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IMG_3049We are all proud of the clever things our offspring do……… when I suggested to Andrew if he would like to learn to screenprint, I would love to show him how, he said ‘yes’. I was so excited to come home to an amazing drawing of a fox. After explaining the idea that each shape had to be fully enclosed so you can cut the design out of paper, a few day later he had scaled the drawing up to A3 and cut the design out of paper ready to print onto the linen fabric. One quiet Saturday afternoon we printed the fabulous Mr Fox in blue onto our fabric. The first few were a little fuzzy on the edges but after a few practice goes, getting the angle and presser right with the squeege he was off and racing. Andrew’s design was a two colour print so after the blue was dry, we set up a sheet of clear plastic to help us line up the black eyes in the right place before printing.

A visit to the fabulous patchwork store in Mornington called Treehouse Textile They carry beautiful fabrics and accessaries. The lovely lady who owns the store found the perfect fabric to back Andrew’s cushions. The next step in Andrew’s screenprinting journey was for him to sew the cushions together.I was very impressed with his sewing machine skills and even more impressed with the 12 beautiful buttonholes he created, three on each of his four beautiful cushions. Step aside very proud Mother coming through…..

Written by Penelope Leonard

February 14th, 2016 at 11:45 pm