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Dead Sexy Shirt…..

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This gorgeous shirt was made by one of my clever students I really love the fabric selection with the white trim and interesting buttons. There are so many sewing techniques in a shirt, that it can be a little overwhelming. But through our step by step construction class, you learn so many new skills you will take it in your stride. The trick is to break it down into smaller elements and focus on them one at a time.


This beautiful cuff and sleeve placket – we carefully slash the lower edge of the sleeve and lay pleats in the lower edge of sleeve in the direction of the placket. Attached placket underlap piece to right side of sleeve and stitch. Fold the facing over the seam allowance to wrong side, fold in 6mm. Stitch overlap edge in place. Attaching your cuff is next ……. So many lovely techniques to learn and master.


This clever detail on the shirt collar with stand adds so much interest with the contacting floral, stripe and plain white front facing in striking black and white. This type of collar is commonly found on men’s shirts, the collar has two sections, collar and stand. As a rule, it is the under collar that is interfaced and it gives the collar that beautiful structured look. Dead Sexy Sue is a very clever student, hope you are still enjoying your sewing skills.

Written by Penelope Leonard

February 20th, 2016 at 12:52 am