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The Owl and the Pussy Cat

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The Owl and the Pussy Cat

These beautiful creations from The Sewing Room were created for Sophie Sanders as a Baby Shower Present. Inspired by the Owl and the Pussy Cat. Sophie My Wise Owl of a friend and her gentle as a Pussy Cat husband. The bunting, cushions and baby blankets will all be available to complete as kits shortly or as a classes in the Sewing Room.

Written by Penelope Leonard

February 28th, 2015 at 11:43 am

So come in and sit down in the sewing room.

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“Sit Down” Cushion Covers

I love the idea of making tons of different pillow covers and just swapping them over whenever you want a little change in a room.I have just had these printed up. I hope you like them, their just a little bit of funny for the family room. If you would like to learn how to make cushions, come along to a class or if your confident to make them up by yourself, you can purchase the printed squares of linen and instructions. Just drop me an email at I will show you how to make a zippered pillow cover, which is easier than it sounds. So come in and sit down in the sewing room and learn to make these fun cushions.

Written by Penelope Leonard

February 21st, 2015 at 10:49 am

Tambour Beading Workshop Saturday 6 November 2010

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Tambor_beading_2006_email_Karen Torrisi, a professional Tambour Beader will be delivery this exciting beading class. Karen Torrisi was awarded the Australian prize for the 2009 Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery. Tambour Beading is a hand beading technique performed with a hook in a holder. This holds a shortened French Cornelli needle, and is used to bead onto fabric that is stretched over a frame.

Samples and demonstration of the art of Tambour Beading are done in French Haute Couture Embroidery at Lesage in Paris. This is the technique used to embellish couture garments for the fashion industry in Paris.

This technique is rarely practiced outside of the Paris workrooms. The Sewing Room will be conducting introductory workshops to the art of Tambour Beading on the Saturday 6 November 2010. In this workshop you will learn to stretch your fabric onto a tapestry frame and the technique of creating a chain stitch.

There are only a few place still available for these exciting Tambour Beading Workshops please contact us via email

Written by Penelope Leonard

October 12th, 2010 at 6:06 am

Fashion Illustration Workshop Saturday 30 October 2010 10am to 4pm


Contemporary Fashion IllustrationCome along to a Fashion Illustration Workshop with Grant Cowan, illustrator of the gorgeous book “Dreaming of Dior ” by Charlotte Smith. This weekend workshop offers a fun and relaxed environment where you learn the basics of fashion drawing. He walks students through the fundamentals of creating a beautiful Fashion Illustration. In this one day workshop you learn the basics of fashion drawing. This is a 5 hour workshop with an hour for lunch to explore the areas cafe scene.

1 X 5 hour class – with an hour break for lunch

$ 125

Bring with you: 2B pencils, sharpener, rubber, A4 art quality paper and your choice of coloured pencils, paints, pastels or charcoal.


8 Week Shortcourse starts Wednesday 3 November 2010 6pm to 8pm.

Join Grant Cowan’s 8 week shortcourse where students are introduced to the fundamentals of fashion drawing, its applications in contemporary fashion and a range of rendering techniques. You will explore the proportions of a Fashion figure vs the human body and discuss the anatomy of the human body and its relation to a fashion illustration, anatomical study and observational sketching. Using “life drawing” techniques (centre line, shoulder and hip axis etc) students will draw guidelines on photographic fashion plates in preparation for creating individual fashion figures. And you will look at side view & positions of guidelines in rear view of fashion figure and stylised features of the female fashion figure, drawing a range of fashion poses and garment styles.

8 x 2 hour session

$ 400

Required Equipment: Set of 6 marker pens, 2B pencil, 0.2 & 0.04 Black Artline Pen, set of 12 Aquarelle colour pencils, rubber, sharpener, A3 bleed proof pad.

Written by Penelope Leonard

October 12th, 2010 at 6:01 am

Learn to Sew Thursday 21st October 2010 6pm to 9pm


Introduction to Sewing

Start Thursday evening 21st October from 6pm to 9pm 100_6322
8 Weeks
This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of sewing in a hands-on learning environment. Students will complete Sewing Class 1 to 5 over the eight week program. Aspects of construction such as cutting, laying, fusing, yokes, pockets, waistbands, fastenings will be explored and you will create a fabulous range of item from a sling bag to a basic skirt and shirt. Students will use domestic Bernina/Bernette sewing machines and apply professional finishes to their garments.

Or do a one off class

Sewing Class 1: The Machine & Basic Functions
1 x 3 hour session
Thursday 21 October 2010 6pm to 9pm

Sewing Class 2: Sling Bag
1 x 3 hour session
Thursday 28 October 2010 6pm to 9pm

Sewing Class 3: Zippers, Casings & Buttonholes
1 x 3 hour session
Saturday 16 October 2010 2pm to 5pm
Thursday 4 November 2010 6pm to 9pm

Sewing Class 4: Sewing the basic skirt
2 x 3 hour session
Thursday 14 & 21 October 2010 6pm to 9pm
Thursday & Saturday 21 & 23 October 2010 2pm to 5pm

Sewing Class 5: Sewing the basic shirt
3 x 3 hour session
Thursday 28 October, 4 & 11 November 2010 6pm to 9pm
Thursday 25 November, 2 & 9 December 2010 6pm to 9pm

Sewing Class 6: Simple Dress
3 x 3 hour session
Thursday 28 October, 4 & 11 November 2010 6pm to 9pm
Thursday 18 & 25 November, 2 December 2010 6pm to 9pm

For more information regarding classes you can call Penelope on 0432 688 536 or email


Written by Penelope Leonard

October 12th, 2010 at 5:56 am

Oxfam Australia Exchange for Change Saturday 31 July at 12pm

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E4CLogo_RGBThe Sewing Room is very proud to be helping out at the Oxfam Australia and CarriageWorks Exchange for Change on Rethreads: mass free clothing swap
This event is all about the environment and as you probably already know we are passionate about recycling and sustainability at The Sewing Room from fabrics to clothing. Rethreads is all about style & being sustainability savvy. At Rethreads clothing is your currency – bring up to 20 of your best cast-offs, and exchange them for new pieces to reinvigorate your wardrobe. There is no entry fee, so anyone can participate! There are guidelines for what you should and really shouldn’t bring, so make sure you check the CarriageWorks website for info prior to rocking up.
While at Rethreads, you’ll have the opportunity to meet representatives from Oxfam Australia’s labour rights unit and other organisations fighting for fair fashion. The Sewing Room is very excited to be helping the amazing people from The Social Studio with their DIY Re-mixed Fashion workshops, where you can re-vamp your old clothes or a new find from the swap. You can also add your bit to Oxfam’s interactive petition, The Guilt Quilt, to let industry know you want them to lift their game.
The most important things are the environmental benefits:
Recycling takes items you have finished with and puts them back into circulation.
By passing your clothes, accessories or equipment on to others, you are diverting materials from landfill thus conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Reusing a product, rather than buying a new one, reduces the demands for water, energy and raw materials. This reduces the impact on the environment.
Swapping 1 suitcase (20kg) of clothes saves enough energy to run a TV non-stop for 1.7 years.
Swapping clothing diverts these organic materials from landfill. In landfill they produce methane, a greenhouse gas with the global warming capacity 20 times stronger than CO2.
Statistics courtesy of Planet Ark.
If you require any futher information, feel free to email with your questions.

Written by Penelope Leonard

July 5th, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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Sydney Design 2010

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Inline Image

The Sewing Room is delivering workshops at Sydney Design 2010. The design festival runs for 16 days from Saturday 31 July to Sunday 15 August. The program is produced by the Powerhouse Museum in partnership with more than 50 cultural institutions, organisations and individuals across Sydney. The program looks amazing with more than 70 events.

The ‘tell us a story’ theme will reveal the many captivating stories behind design ideas, objects and processes. It will invite participants to create meaningful conversations with others around design, and enable people to connect with design on a more personal level.

The Powerhouse is holding a major exhibition called ‘Creating the look’ this exhibition draws on the highly successful partnership between photographer Bruno Benini and stylist Hazel Benini from 1950 to 2000. And explores the creative processes involved in styling, crafting and designing powerful eye-catching fashion photographs.

Don’t forget to drop into the designer markets. Young Blood: designers market showcases emerging Australian designers and designboom mart features the young, avant-garde of international design. Visitors can meet and buy direct from designers at both evening (Friday only) and daytime markets from 13-15 August.

The youngest of designers will take part in a Kids Design Weekend from 31 July-1 August. Weekend highlights include the first paper plane academy; a pop-up book workshop; a children’s storytelling museum tour; paper doll fashion design in Frock stars: inside Australian Fashion Week; and a fashion photography collage workshop linked to Creating the look: Benini and fashion photography.

The Sewing Room will be delivery “ The Felt my Tote workshop’  How to refashion a woolen knit jumper from an op-shop into a fabulous tote bag on 11am – 3pm, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 August (two-day workshop) at the Powerhouse Museum.

From Vinnies to designer chic! Bring along an old woollen jumper – from an op shop or from home – and re-fashion it into a gorgeous tote bag. Using the ancient process of felting, the old jumper will be deconstructed and reborn as a brand new accessory. Let your imagination run wild as you cut, fold, sew and appliqué your tote bag, stamping it with your own personality. All you need to bring is an old woollen knit jumper or woollen garment; all other sewing equipment and materials will be supplied.

The following workshops will be in the bright and busy The Sewing Room .

Whether a beginner or an expert, these sewing workshops will inspire you to push the boundaries of your creativity. Expand your existing techniques or try something completely new at these fun and educational events. With beading, embroidery, pleating, t-shirts, fashion design and illustration on offer, there’s plenty of choice. Nimble fingers and an open mind can lead to all kinds of beautiful outcomes.

Tambour Beading:
Saturday 14 August, 10am-4pm

Fashion Design & Colour Theory:
Sunday 1 August, 11am-4pm & Friday 13 August, 10am-2.30pm

Fashion Illustration:
Saturday 31 July, 10am-4pm

Introductory Embroidery Stitches & Beading Techniques:
Saturday 7 August, 10am-4pm & Wednesday 4 August, 10am-4pm

Pleating In Fashion:
Wednesday 4 August, 10am-3pm & Sunday 8 August, 11am-4pm

Chic T-Shirt Manipulations:
Friday 6 August, 11am-4pm & Sunday 14 August, 11am-4pm
$ 150

To book, please call Penelope Leonard on 0432 688 536 or email

The Sun Herald Sunday 27 June 2010

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Press TSH Sydney Sunday 27 June 2010 blog copy

The Sewing Room was include in The school holiday guide in The Sun Herald on Sunday 27 June 2010. I hope you all got to read the article. Thank you to the lovely people at the Herald for including us.

We hope to see you at our Kids Club 10am to 12am Monday to Friday in the first week of the school holiday or at our Teens sewing classes 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday of the first week of the school holidays.

Written by Penelope Leonard

July 1st, 2010 at 11:39 pm

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Sydney Morning Herald Article Sydney Issue 87 July

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Press SMH Sydney issue 87 July 2010 copy


Thank you to Lucy Carroll and gorgeous photograher Jennifer Soo for including us in the July issue of Sydney. It was very exciting for us to have a write up in such a popular magazine.

Lucy Wrote:

The sewing Room

Childhood memories of patchwork quilts inspired Penelope Leonard to set up The Sewing Room in Sydney’s original rag-trade district. She offers an eight week introduction to sewing course $600, with materials included. Short courses include basic alterations($75), Millinery techniques ($150) and embroidery and beading workshops.

Written by Penelope Leonard

June 25th, 2010 at 11:09 pm

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Simple Shift Dress

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The Sewing Room Slip Dress

Pattern code: V8552

Rudee looks gorgeous in this cutie! I love it, the fabric is so perfect. Make your own simple pretty shift dress at a sewing class at the Sewing Room. 

If you are still in the early stages of learning to sew, I would still suggest that you keep it simple. As you begin to sew more clothes and you become more experienced, than you can go onto more difficult projects. So maybe for starter try a few “Very Easy” by Vogue These are very fashion now V8278, 8486, 8530 and 8552.

I think it is important that  you don’t get frustrated and not enjoy sewing any more because you bought a to difficult pattern.
This dress is simply gorgeous. I really enjoyed making this dress. Quite a few of the Stitchen Sisters ( The new nickname for the Tuesday night’s sewing ladies, thanks to Brooke & Patti) have produced beautiful dresses with this pattern. Basic sewing skills are required, Sewing Class 3 or equivalent experience with zips preferred. It takes about 3 x 3 hour sessions.

Written by Penelope Leonard

June 20th, 2010 at 7:43 am

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