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The Lovely Little Magpie-Lark

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The Magpie-lark I love these little guys, I see them every morning as I drive down the highway to Rye on the side of the road. Their interesting the way they wonder around often on their own or occasionally in pairs. They always look like they are in their Sunday best and just out of the shower. We are in Mornington, it does rain a lot.

Paper-sculpting medium is used shaped around a wire for the base shape. It is light and you can sew into the paper once dried to attach the fabric. I covered the shape with white silk fabric and black wool suiting and embroidered wings and feathers. The little beaks are from fimo. i like this little man ……

Written by Penelope Leonard

August 15th, 2015 at 10:26 pm

Posted in Birds, Embroidery, Sculpture

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