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Embroidery and appliqué is good for the soul

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The cool winter nights in Mornington spent toiling over a piece of fabric with embroidery and appliqué is good for the soul. This woolen scarf came about when I found a piece of cream woolen jersey fabric I had been hording for a while, long enough for a hungry moth to luncheon on a fold all the way through making random little holes. To cover the little holes I placed light blue birds of fluffy fabric from a beloved jigsaw skirt I could no longer wear and hand embroidered around the edge with only a few simple lines on the actually bird itself. Three different green woolen fabrics from boil sage wool to dark green felt created the foliage with the little running stitch to draw the elements together. My beautiful mother painstakingly wove the beautiful cream fringing on the short edge to complete the creation. It is so lovely and warm to wear. More photos on facebook.

Written by Penelope Leonard

July 19th, 2015 at 12:14 am

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