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Oxfam Australia Exchange for Change Saturday 31 July at 12pm

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E4CLogo_RGBThe Sewing Room is very proud to be helping out at the Oxfam Australia and CarriageWorks Exchange for Change on Rethreads: mass free clothing swap
This event is all about the environment and as you probably already know we are passionate about recycling and sustainability at The Sewing Room from fabrics to clothing. Rethreads is all about style & being sustainability savvy. At Rethreads clothing is your currency – bring up to 20 of your best cast-offs, and exchange them for new pieces to reinvigorate your wardrobe. There is no entry fee, so anyone can participate! There are guidelines for what you should and really shouldn’t bring, so make sure you check the CarriageWorks website for info prior to rocking up.
While at Rethreads, you’ll have the opportunity to meet representatives from Oxfam Australia’s labour rights unit and other organisations fighting for fair fashion. The Sewing Room is very excited to be helping the amazing people from The Social Studio with their DIY Re-mixed Fashion workshops, where you can re-vamp your old clothes or a new find from the swap. You can also add your bit to Oxfam’s interactive petition, The Guilt Quilt, to let industry know you want them to lift their game.
The most important things are the environmental benefits:
Recycling takes items you have finished with and puts them back into circulation.
By passing your clothes, accessories or equipment on to others, you are diverting materials from landfill thus conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Reusing a product, rather than buying a new one, reduces the demands for water, energy and raw materials. This reduces the impact on the environment.
Swapping 1 suitcase (20kg) of clothes saves enough energy to run a TV non-stop for 1.7 years.
Swapping clothing diverts these organic materials from landfill. In landfill they produce methane, a greenhouse gas with the global warming capacity 20 times stronger than CO2.
Statistics courtesy of Planet Ark.
If you require any futher information, feel free to email with your questions.

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July 5th, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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